Basic Environmental Policy

Since its founding, TKC has focused on serving two types of customers, "tax consulting firms" and "local governments", providing specialized information services in the area of information and communication technology (ICT) to guide these customers’ businesses to success, all the while conducting activities to conserve the environment in which these information services are provided.
TKC recognizes that its environmental preservation activities are a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and must be promoted for the sustainable growth of the company. We have formulated the Basic Environmental Policy as follows to continue promoting activities to conserve the environment with the participation of all officers and employees.

  1. TKC will seek to reduce the environmental load of our business activities through reduction of electricity used to operate the computers around the clock by optimizing its power consumption, full recycling of paper and consumables used in computer output and reducing the use of photocopies of meeting documents by using electronic documentation.
  2. TKC will take due care of employee health and adjust the temperature settings of the air conditioners within a moderate range to reduce excessive use of power at its offices.
  3. In developing products and services for customers, TKC will seek to support the environmental preservation activities of its customers by utilizing IT to eliminate the use of paper and selecting recycled and environmentally friendly products.
  4. TKC will seek to utilize IT to eliminate the use of paper in exchanging information with its suppliers.
  5. TKC will strive to integrate into its business processes any environment-related laws and regulations and various environmental restrictions and ensure that they are properly executed.
  6. To raise environmental awareness in each employee, TKC will provide regular education on the Basic Environmental Policy and Code of Conduct and strive to enhance the employees’ environmental consciousness through activities such as filling out questionnaires about environmental improvements and awarding ideas useful for its improvement.
  7. The Basic Environmental Policy will be posted and disclosed on TKC’s corporate website.

■ Established January 11, 2007